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This page is the central location for COVID 19 information as it pertains to Washingtonville Central School District.  Weekly COVID Case Numbers are posted here every Friday by 5:00. Information related to new quarantine/isolation guidance can be found here. Additionally, the link to the District Health Services page and the ATTESTATION forms needed to return following an isolation or quarantine can be accessed.


The following protocols are developed based on the NYS Education Department’s Health & Safety Guide for the 2021-2022 School Year document from August 2021.  Information is also updated from NYS Department of Health as well as Dr. Gelman from the Orange County Department of Health.
WCSD Flow Chart for Quarantining & Isolation 
Diagrama de flujo del WCSD para cuarentena y aislamiento


Positive Case Identified

  • A positive case, either from Home Test or Laboratory Test, the positive individual must remain in isolation for a minimum of 5 days.  

  • They may not return to school until they have been fever free for at least 24 hours without any medication and other symptoms are improved.

  • Upon return, the individual must be able to wear a well fitting mask. 

  • The individual must complete the District attestation for release from isolation after day 5 (day zero is the first day of symptoms, or, if symptom free, the date of the test) 

  • Athletes must give a doctor’s clearance for return to play.



Next Steps in School

  • Seating Charts/Rosters for classrooms, lunch, bus and extra-curricular activities are obtained.

  • Anyone within a 6 ft radius of the individual for more than 15 minutes in a 24 hour period (masked or unmasked), is considered a close contact and if they need to quarantine (ie exposure wasn’t in an instructional classroom and the individual exposed isn’t fully vaccinated or a recent COVID positive individual) the health office will contact the family.

  • The School Health Office will notify any family of students who need to quarantine.  Those students must be picked up from school within an hour and they will need to attend school virtually until their mandated 5 day quarantine period ends. The date of exposure is day 0.  Virtual schooling is only for those placed in an official quarantine following a positive test result or an exposure. 

  • Any student 12 and over who is eligible for a booster, but has not received, may attend classroom instruction but is NOT eligible for extracurricular and after school activities. 

  • Should an exposed individual develop symptoms, they should get tested.  Their isolation period (minimum of 5 days) begins with the first date of symptoms.

  • WCSD is not participating in Test to Stay, however, home kits will be offered to any student who is sent home for quarantine purposes.  CDC recommends that an exposed individual test on day 5 prior to ending their quarantine. 



Return to School

  • Positive individuals must complete the attestation for release from isolation found on the District Health Services page or provide a doctor’s note to return to school. 

  • Students placed in a school related quarantine do not need a medical note to return to school. They must complete the attestation for release from quarantine.  If symptoms develop while quarantined, they must test and they may not return until at least 5 days following the start of symptoms (see above for positive individuals)

The Orange County DOH will no longer be contacting quarantined individuals.  Please refer to the DOH website for more information.


Most recent update: Friday, January 21, 2022