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COVID-19 Case Reporting

The district receives COVID-19 data from the Orange County Department of Health and works with the agency on contact tracing. All individuals who test positive are notified of the need to quarantine and may not return to school until cleared by OCDOH. In circumstances that require school-based contact tracing, the potentially exposed individuals are equally notified. All will be followed-up by the health department. 

The district began piloting a weekly approach to reporting new cases. Community members can consult this dedicated page to learn about the total number of newly reported cases for each work week, at the end of the business day on Friday. A reminder to check for case updates will be sent to subscribers of the district's notification system on Fridays, at 5 p.m. Please be aware that all reports are subject to updates when additional case information is received after reports are posted. 


Most recent update: Friday November 19, 2021


The following protocols are developed based on the NYS Education Department’s Health & Safety Guide for the 2021-2022 School Year document from August 2021.

New York State COVID-19 Data Dashboard