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Elementary schools host successful donation event for food pantry

Three WCSD elementary schools collected 1,851 boxes of cereal

On Friday, May 27, the three Washingtonville Central School District elementary schools held a cereal box domino event in their buildings to benefit the Country Kids Food Pantry.

Each WCSD elementary school collected unopened and unexpired boxes of cereal throughout the month of May. After the donation period, on Friday, May 27, the donated boxes of cereal were lined up, one after the other, throughout the hallways of each elementary school, then knocked down, creating a "domino effect." 

After the three domino events, members of each elementary school’s PTA delivered the boxes of cereal to the food pantry; cereal is a staple item for food pantries. The Country Kids Food Pantry serves food to those in need throughout the Washingtonville school district. 

While lining up the boxes of cereal, students learned math and science, plus a lesson in kindness while making the donation to the food pantry — and a whole lot of fun! Watch the video to see the students in action.