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February Making a Difference Award recipients honored

February Making a Difference Award recipients honored

The Making a Difference Awards recognize the many examples of individual teachers, aides, drivers, safety, and other District staff that are making a difference in the lives of our children throughout our buildings. On March 22, 2024, Superintendent Dr. Larry Washington, Board of Education President Sharon Williams, Vice President Robin White, and Trustee Kristie Johnson delivered the Making a Difference Awards to each of the February recipients. 

Keith Saltz, Little Britain
He has consistently made himself available at all times, demonstrating a level of commitment that goes above and beyond. The supportive and encouraging environment that Mr. Saltz has created in the classroom, coupled with his availability and responsiveness, has significantly contributed to my child’s positive learning journey. Thank you for having such a dedicated and inspiring educator at our school.

Samantha Cano, Little Britain
Samantha's impact is far-reaching and multi-faceted. Firstly, her adept tutelage results in significant and rapid growth in the reading skills of several students under her care. She embodies the concept that Academic Intervention Services (AIS) should be flexible, not a year-long commitment, as evident in her classroom. Secondly, Samantha's guidance, extended to both new and veteran teachers, has a lasting influence. Moreover, Samantha's vigilant approach ensures no child goes unnoticed. Her dedication and resourcefulness make her a pivotal force in our educational community.

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Preston Davis, Little Britain
Preston deserves recognition as an unsung hero, consistently working behind the scenes to ensure the seamless operation of our technology. With a calm demeanor, he creates a comfortable atmosphere, offering reassurance to individuals during stressful moments. His quiet yet impactful contributions make him an essential figure in maintaining the smooth functioning of our technological infrastructure.

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Kim Gage, Round Hill
She has a heart of gold and cares so deeply for her students.  Mrs. Gage has gone above and beyond to help her build confidence and has made her feel so loved and protected while at school. My daughter has been dealing with this anxiety for a long time since 1st grade, and now she is in 3rd. In the past few weeks, she is finally smiling and loving school once again thanks to Mrs. Gage. Mrs. Gage has been in such close contact with me about my daughter and I’m so grateful for everything that she has done to help my daughter. My daughter absolutely loves her and we can’t thank her enough for helping our daughter with this.

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Robyn Armistead, Taft
Ms. Armistead is making a huge difference in Amelia Dega's life. She is pushing her to do her best and because of that Amelia is thriving both academically and socially. She is not afraid to try new things because of Ms. Armistead's patience, empathy, and commitment.

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