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Local fire departments visit Washingtonville elementary schools

Local fire departments visited Washingtonville elementary schools to recognize Fire Prevention Week. First and second grade students were able to talk with the wonderful local firefighters and check out their trucks and equipment! 

The departments discussed fire gear and fire prevention with the students, which helps grow the relationship between the students and the fire department.

Mr. Keith Saltz’s class, at Little Britain Elementary School, read “Out of the Flames” which is about the Triangle Factory fire in 1911. The class analyzed a picture of the fire and had questions regarding how fire departments manage industrial fires now. 

Fire Inspector Tom Lucchesi, of the Vails Gate Fire Department, came in to compare and contrast present time with 1911. He emphasized how that fire spearheaded several safety changes for our country.

At Round Hill Elementary School, students held an artwork contest to see which student can make the best poster for the slogan, “Fires don’t wait, plan your escape.” The winners will be announced early next week. 

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