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New look, more information for district and school websites

New look, more information for district and school websites

Washingtonville Central School District has updated its website over the February Recess. While most of the previous information remains on the site, it may be in a different location as the site is more organized and user-friendly. 

Additional pages have been added to the district and school sites to provide more information to students, families and staff. For example, an “I Want To” tab has been added to the entire website that features the most commonly sought-after information and a “Departments/Programs” tab has been added to the individual school sites to provide easier access to important district information. 

Each school site now has a uniform top navigation. The “About Us,” “Departments/Programs,” “Students,” “Family/Community” and “I Want To” tabs create one cohesive look, while also managing each school’s information.

The “About Us” section hosts administration and contact information, along with school news, the school calendar and more. The “Students” section allows students to access all their information in one central location. You will find the guidance department, clubs and organizations, the library and more here. The “Family/Community” section is the hub for parents and family members. Here you will find the lunch menu, the attendance office, parent portal and more. 

We hope you enjoy the updated website!