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Washingtonville distributes Chromebooks to all students

Washingtonville distributes Chromebooks to all students

If you haven’t already noticed, Washingtonville is providing a district-owned Chromebook to every student for the 2022-2023 school year, from kindergarteners to seniors!

The 1:1 Chromebook initiative means that students across the district have seamless access to the learning technology, digital tools, and resources they need every day, at school and home. In a letter to parents about the 1:1 Chromebook initiative, WHS principal Brian Connolly said, “We are very excited to provide our students with this fantastic opportunity. We are confident that this one-to-one initiative will positively impact student learning and achievement.”

The district provided Chromebooks to all students in grades nine through 12 last year. This year, thanks to the district's ECF grant funding, every kindergarten through grade eight student that needs a device has been issued a computer. 

“2,700 brand new Chromebooks were received, unboxed, configured, inventoried, and distributed to all three elementary schools, the middle and high school,” said Joe Catania, Director of Data Management & Technology.

1:1 Chromebook initiatives in districts across the country have resulted in positive educational outcomes. Initiatives like this one eliminate any sort of digital divide, and provide all students with equitable access to curriculum, supporting resources, and productivity tools. Being so connected means students can develop critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration skills with peers and educators locally and globally. Teachers can also better address student needs with timely and tailored support.

Students, with the exception of kindergarteners and first graders, will bring their Chromebooks to and home from school each day. While expectations for Chromebook use vary from classroom to classroom, students will use their new tools for instruction, assignments, projects, research, and assessments throughout the school year.