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Washingtonville High School National Honor Society inducts 78 new members

Washingtonville High School National Honor Society inducts 78 new members

Washingtonville High School honored 78 students with the 55th annual induction ceremony to the National Honor Society on Monday, November 21, 2022.  
“Tonight, we celebrate the academic and community achievements of some of the brightest scholars here at school,” said Vice President of the National Honor Society, Kassidy Hardy.  
Washingtonville High School Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps started the night with a presentation of colors while Isabella Pagana sang the national anthem, and Ryan Godfrey played the piano. 
Then, current members of the National Honor Society led the ceremony.  
“Congratulations to our new inductees,” said President of the National Honor Society, Ashley Upeslacis. “The goal isn’t to just be a member of the National Honor Society; the goal is to use the opportunities that this club can give you to grow as a person and make differences in other people’s lives.” 
The four pillars of the National Honor Society are scholarship, service, leadership, and character. All students must possess these traits to be considered. A candle-lighting ceremony took place to represent these pillars. One at a time National Honor Society executive council members explained to the inductees the relevance of these characteristics and lit the corresponding candles.  
After, students were officially inducted into the Washingtonville National Honor Society by dripping wax into the bowl and signing their names on a scroll that has been used by the chapter for 55 years dating back to 1967.  
 Principal of Washingtonville Highschool, Brian Connolly, presented the new members with certificates. 
“You are here strong and determined,” said Mark Rosengarten, keynote speaker and retired chemistry teacher. “Your resilience and adaptability to rapidly changing circumstances will serve you well in the world that awaits you beyond these walls.”  
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Please congratulate the newest members of the National Honor Society:   
Dakota Anderson 

Jason Ariano 

Uma Banavara 

Jenna Belcher 

Tiara Brazier 

Tyler Briceno 

Audrey Caesar 

Kiera Calovic 

John Carola 

Gavin Chaing 

Leah Chan 

Abigail Davis 

Emily DeLuca 

Ella Dueck 

Henry Faber 

Reagan Fallon 

Jeromy Finnigan 

Paige Fischer 

Aidan Fitzpatrick 

Melissa Fogarty 

Nilia Francis 

Clark Francisco 

Sofia Fredericks 

Sheynn Garris 

Summer Giovene 

Brianna Gisler 

Ryan Godfrey 

Austria Grimm 

Danyale Harper 

Connor Harris 

Andrew Heins 

Gabriella Howe 

Troy Isbell 

Kathryn Kerwan 

Madeline Klin 

Jake Krokus 

Kathryn Lowenkron 

Giana Mammoliti 

Kailani Martinez 

Andre McNulty Jr 

Katie McVey 

Isabella Medina 

Leandro Medina 

Aarber Metaliaj 

Venessa Mfum 

Chelsy Miranda Cortez 

Madison Mobray 

Grace Moliterno 

Olivia Monaco 

Samantha Muller 

Fallon Murph 

Kendall Murphy 

Tiffany Nemet 

Leilani Nishimoto 

Marvin Noronha 

Michaela Rose Pagana 

Shayla Pangelinan 

Samantha Rivera 

Anastasia Samoylovskaya 

Isabella Sanchez 

Nathan Scaglione 

Jackson Scherden 

Allison Schlimme 

Margot Serafin 

Madison Solomon 

Harry Sullivan 

Benjamin Tarace 

Chanel Taylor 

Bryan Tran 

Joel Trocino 

Jason Vermette 

Julia Vinarub 

Scott Vriesema 

Samantha Walden 

Jack Wall 

Majed Watad 

Cooper Wright