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Washingtonville Central School District has made strides in reducing its carbon footprint with the use of four propane-powered school buses. Since 2011, the district has been adding propane powered school buses to its fleet, making it the first district in Orange County to use alternative fueled buses.

Out-of-District Transportation

Out-of-district transportation for children who reside within Washingtonville Central School District but attend private or parochial schools, certain special education programs, or require transportation to Kiryas Joel, is provided by Orange County Transit, LLC.

Questions about out-of-district bus service?

Orange County Transit invites you to contact them directly using the information below.

OCT Washingtonville Line
(845) 288-0883
Luz Rodriguez, Dispatcher
Private & Parochial/Special Education Routes
(845) 288-0883, ext. 1853
Joel Mauskopf, Dispatcher
Kiryas Joel Routes
(845) 288-0883, ext. 1807
Gary Johnson, Road Supervisor
(845) 288-0883, ext. 1854


Or, use their online contact form

Contact Us

Paul Nienstadt
Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Safety
Ext 27111

Ralph Perez
Assistant Director of Transportation
Ext 27135

Jessica Edwards
Daycare Requests
Ext 27134

Andrea Karnavezos
Head Bus Driver
Driver Inquiries/Applications/Driver Training
Ext 27133

Ellen Calandra
Ext 27101

Alisa McCarthy
Ext 27102