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About The Superintendent

Dr. Larry Washington, Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Larry Washington began his journey in the Washingtonville Central School District in 2019. As superintendent of schools, he has implemented a strategic vision and leadership that focuses on academic excellence, program innovation, community connections, and a culturally
responsive curriculum reflecting diverse student populations.

Dr. Washington has established close working partnerships with board members and collaborated with them on equality and education, diversity and inclusion. Additionally, he has managed a $10 million budget deficit by performing detailed financial analysis to identify cost savings.

He developed and implemented strong strategies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in compliance with the state guidelines. He transitioned the entire school district to remote learning with limited response time. He then created a task force to address COVID-19 mandates, safety protocols, mental health support, and recovery strategy.

Prior to becoming superintendent of Washingtonville schools, Dr. Washington was the principal
of Warwick Valley High School for five years. During his time there, he transitioned students and
faculty to new learning standards and built collaborative working partnerships with administrators, faculty, and parents.

Additionally, Dr. Washington worked with local law enforcement, civic organizations, and auto
dealerships to enhance the annual Drivers Awareness Forum and created a new Drug Coalition
that teamed coaches, teachers, and community leaders in the fight against substance abuse.

He also initiated facility improvements to launch a new media center, television studio and a
salon for a cosmetology program and oversaw the transition to a district-wide G-mail system.
Before that, Dr. Washington was the assistant principal of Suffern High School from 2009 to
2014. There he implemented key metrics to measure students’ progress, taking a proactive
versus reactive response to risks and opportunities.

Dr. Washington has been an educational leader since 2003 and a teacher since 1995. He
attended Pfeiffer College, where he earned a bachelor's degree in sociology. He then earned a
master’s degree in Education, Supervision & Administration from Mercy College, and a doctorate
degree in Instructional Leadership from St. John’s University.

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