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Is your organization thinking about using a district facility?

Visit the “Community View Calendar” to see what dates and times are open. You can search by days, weeks, months, event, organization or building. Then follow the “Facility Use Information” below to get started.

Fee Structure

Annual Application Fee 

A non-refundable $25 application fee will be charged for each application.  The application fee must be submitted with the application and sent to the Buildings and Grounds Office. An application will not be accepted without the fee. 

  • Groups such as the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts will be charged one application fee per troop for each school year. If a troop schedules other events during the year, they do not have to pay another application fee. This fee will cover all events for the troop for the school year. 

  • PTA groups do not pay the application fee. 

  • Groups that schedule use of District gyms and/or fields will be charged one application fee for the year. 

  • All other groups must pay the application fee with the Facilities Use Organization/Annual Application Request  Form

  • Payment of the application fee must be by check payable to the Washingtonville Central School District. 

After-Normal School Hours Fee

  • Washingtonville CSD groups/organizations are defined as groups/organizations that are located within the geographic area covered by the District.  These groups/organizations will be charged an hourly custodial fee at a rate determined by the District Board of Education for after normal working hours. 

  • Non-payment of invoices voids future use of facilities until all outstanding invoices are paid. 

  • Any use of District kitchens requires school lunch personnel to be on site. The group/organization will be charged based on the total hours worked.  Rates are determined by the District Board of Education.

  • If security is required, as determined by the District, the hourly security fee after normal working hours will be charged at a rate determined by the District Board of Education.

Required Insurance

All users must provide a certificate of insurance prior to the scheduling of the facility use application.   Failure to do so will result in revocation of your permit.

  • The user hereby agrees to name the Washingtonville Central School District as an unrestricted additional insured on the user’s policy.
  • The policy should name the District as additional insured and shall:
    • be an insurance policy from an A.M. Best rated “secured” New York State insurer, permitted to do business in New York State.

    • contain a 30-day notice of cancellation.

    • state that the organization’s coverage shall be primary and non-contributory coverage for the district, its Board, employees and volunteers.

    • additional insured status shall be provided with ISO endorsement CG 20 26 11 85 or its equivalent.
  • The user agrees to indemnify the District for any applicable deductibles. 

  • Required Minimum Insurance: 

    • Commercial General Liability Insurance - $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate

  • User acknowledges that failure to obtain such insurance on behalf of the District constitutes a material breach of contract and subjects it to liability for damages, indemnification and all other legal remedies available to the District. The user must provide the District with a Certificate of Insurance and additional insured Endorsement, evidencing the above requirements have been met. The failure of the District to object to the contents of the certificate or the absence of same shall not be deemed a waiver of any and all rights held by the District. The permittee must provide the District with a certificate of insurance, evidencing the above requirements have been met, prior to scheduling the facility use.

  • If the insurance certificate expires prior to the end of the term of the facility use, the user will not be permitted to use the facilities until a new certificate of insurance is provided.

The user further acknowledges that the procurement of such insurance as required herein is intended to benefit not only the District but also Utica National, as the District’s insurer.

  • When the District is closed or dismisses early for weather or other emergency condition, all buildings are closed to outside groups. 

  • All buildings are closed to outside groups on days designated as "buildings closed holidays" and conference days.

  • If the District requires the use of the facility, even if previously approved with the user, the District’s use will take priority and the facility use may be cancelled or rescheduled.

Public Use of School Facilities 

The Board of Education recognizes the capital investment the district has in its school plant and facilities and believes that these buildings and facilities should be used for legitimate community use within the framework outlined by Education Law. 

Education Law states in part that a Board may permit the use of school buildings and grounds, to non-profit organizations when not in use for school purposes, for any of the following purposes: 

“For holding social, civic and recreational meetings and entertainment, and other uses pertaining to the welfare of the community; but such meetings, entertainment and uses shall be non-exclusive and shall be open to the general public. 

For meetings, entertainment and occasions where admission fees are charged, when the proceeds thereof are to be expended for the educational or charitable purpose; but such use shall not be permitted if such meetings, entertainment and occasions are under the exclusive control, and the said proceeds are to be applied for the benefit of a society, association or organization of a religious sect or denomination, or of a fraternal, secret or exclusive society of organization other than organizations of veterans of the military, naval and marine service of the United States and organizations of volunteer firefighters or volunteer ambulance workers” (Education Law – 414). 

The Board encourages the use of its facilities by groups and organizations when their purposes and objectives contribute to the benefit of the school district or the school community – and has directed the school administration to develop and promulgate administrative regulations. 


Please notify all appropriate persons within your organizations of this existing lifesaving equipment on District property in advance of an actual emergency during an event.

I have read and understand the fee schedule as presented above and would like to continue my Facilities Use Organization/Annual Application Request Form at the Washingtonville Central School District by clicking the link below:

For further information about  AED/911 Emergency Boxes, contact WCSD Building and Grounds at (845) 497-4000 ext. 27102.

To Enter a request: 

Check out the "Community View Calendar" to see what dates, times and facilities are open. The calendar is an easy way to see what's scheduled when at every district facility! You can search by days, weeks, months - by event, organization or building.