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Mission and Vision

The district has identified three Priority Areas and five District Goals that will work collectively to direct our attention and resources over the next five years.

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Focusing on these three Priority Areas will allow administration, staff and teachers to achieve our District mission and vision, to address any obstacles that arise, and to allow our District to utilize our energy and resources with greater alignment.


The Student Experience – We will foster an
environment that is safe and inclusive for all
learners Pre-K to 12 through purposeful
partnerships with all stakeholders.

  • Ensure that college, career, and civic readiness pathways are designed to enhance the overall student experience, creating a safe and inclusive environment for all learners.
  • Create purposeful partnerships with all stakeholders, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement.

Academic Excellence – We will continuously improve learning within each classroom community.

  • Within these pathways, we will focus on continuous improvement to maximize academic excellence
  • Each classroom community will be dedicated to providing high-quality education that prepares students for their future in higher education, the workforce, or the military.

Community Connection – We will continue to enhance our communication tools and create diverse opportunities for connection where trust and collaboration flourish.

  • Strong community connections enhance success in guiding students toward their goals.
  • Enhance communication tools, creating diverse opportunities for connection where trust and collaboration flourish.
  • Involve not only educators but also parents, agencies, and the wider community in supporting student success.
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