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Instructional Technology Plan

Every three years, New York public school districts must submit Instructional Technology Plans, as outlined in Part 100.12 of the commissioner’s regulations, to the state's education department. 
In these plans, Districts identify how they will:

  • Develop a strategic vision and goals to support student achievement and engagement by seamlessly integrating technology into teaching and learning.
  • Provide technology-enhanced, culturally- and linguistically responsive learning environments to support improved teaching and learning;
  • Increase equitable access to high-quality digital resources and standards-based, technology-rich learning experiences.
  • Provide access to relevant and rigorous professional development to ensure educators and leaders are proficient in integrating learning technologies.

The New York State Education Department approved the Washingtonville CSD’s 2022-2025 instructional technology plan.

2022-2025 Instructional Technology Plan

Click below to view the technology plan. 

First page of the PDF file: 2022-2025-Instructional-Technology-Plan