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The Washingtonville CSD Food Services  Department is committed to providing nutritious, high-quality meals that appeal to children, help them stay healthy, and give them the energy they need to be successful in the classroom. 


The Washingtonville Central School District Food Service Department is still offering ALL students meals at NO COST. Thanks to a USDA program to assist families during the COVID-19 crisis, the agency is covering the cost of all meals served by our school cafeteria program through June 30, 2022. This means ALL students in grades K-12 are eligible for free breakfast and lunch regardless of their families' income level.

Why take advantage of THE free meal option

  • Save money.
  • Make fewer trips to the grocery store.
  • Save time by not having to pack/prepare meals each day.
  • School meals may give students learning from home a taste of something familiar: a chance to have some of their favorite foods from school.
  • Help our food services turn over food inventory and stay financially sound.
  • There is enough for everyone and you will not be taking food away from anyone!

Why you still should apply for Free & Reduced-Price Meals

Parents who are eligible should still fill out a free/reduced application NOW! The USDA is only offering free meals for all students for a limited time. When the USDA ends this program, students whose families have applied for free & reduced-price meals will continue to receive meals at no charge. If a student does not have a current approved application on file, that student must be charged full price for meals.

Applying might also unlock additional benefits for your family and our school district.


Contact Us

Robert Gellman
Director of Food Services
Phone (845)497-4000, ext. 27122

Pam Ragusa
Phone (845)497-4000, ext. 27121
Fax (845)497-4045