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WCSD students share special words of appreciation for their teachers

WCSD students share special words of appreciation for their teachers

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, students from Washingtonville Central School District spoke about a few of their favorite teachers and moments from class. Their thoughts show how Washingtonville teachers are making a difference in the lives of their students.

“My favorite teacher is Ms. (Jennifer) Dempsey,” said seventh grader Delaney Lyons from Washingtonville Middle School. “I really like health and I feel like every lesson she’s teaching, it engages me and I love to pay attention and I really like her lessons.” 

“My favorite teacher is Ms. (Rebekah) Shore,” said Pierce Hilton, a seventh grader at WMS. “She’s very kind, and whenever I don’t understand a problem, she’ll explain it and she’ll go back and let me finish it.”

“One of my favorite lessons I’ve done was in math, and learning and practicing,” said Kyra Moore, a seventh-grade ASPIRE student. “I want to take it back to fifth grade with Ms. (Christina) Mc Kee, I enjoyed her projects.”

“I really like Ms. (Hope-Marie) Blake because she always tries to make learning fun and interactive,” said sixth-grader Sophia Torres. “She’s always really kind. And, Ms. (Kristen) Leavey because she’s really nice. We did a project at the beginning of the year with Starbursts and it was really fun to do.”

“I really like Ms. Hollywood because she taught me how to use Google Forms and Google Slides,” said Marlon Castillo, a seventh-grade ASPIRE student. “I really like sending Google forms to my friends.”

“My favorite teacher is Ms. (Jennifer) Arnold because she’s nice,” said Daniel Brown, a third-grade student at Taft Elementary School. “We did a project with the moon and the Earth for the solar eclipse and I found it interesting to see how the moon covered up the sun.”

“My favorite teacher is Mr. (Jason) Anson because he’s strict in ways that help you learn more,” said Andria Kinutsadze, a fifth grader at Taft. “He’s a really cool guy and he teaches us things that we probably never knew and he’s very creative. My favorite project that I did with him was when we had to choose a topic and explain it with an acting scene.”

“My favorite teacher is Ms. (Jennifer) Arnold because she’s very nice and when we get in trouble, she helps calm us down and she tells us to take a deep breath,” said Emely Chaclan, a third grader at Taft. “My favorite project was when we did buildings for a parade. We did it with chalk and we added doors and windows.”

“Ms. (Deborah) Boerke and Mrs. (Dina) Martirano are the best,” said Calvin Corbett, a fifth grade student at Round Hill Elementary school. “They are funny and nice. One time we were doing a word problem about muffins and the next day they brought literal muffins to class. This is probably one of my favorite classes I’ve ever been in.”

“In Mr. (Daniel) Stadler’s class he has these sayings. Like when we say, ‘wait,’ he says ‘weight broke the bridge’ or ‘I’m on the edge of my seat’ when he’s actually not. We also made him a card for Teacher Appreciation Week and we put these skits in it. I really like him because he’s fun and nurturing,” said Ella Weiner, a fifth grade student at Round Hill. 

These heartfelt words from some of our WCSD students are a peek into the impact all of the teachers in WCSD are making on our students. Their hard work, commitment and dedication are appreciated.