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Washingtonville Central School District welcomes back students

Washingtonville Central School District welcomes back students

Sunshine and smiles filled Washingtonville Central School District on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, as students were welcomed back to school for their first day. Teachers and staff greeted students upon arrival cheering, “Happy first day of school!”

“It feels really good to be back and start a new year,” said Steven Nyarady, assistant principal at Washingtonville Middle School. “It is always nice to see the sixth graders come in and welcome them to a new school.” 

Students found their way around the halls and learned their routines for the year, especially the incoming freshman class. 

“It definitely feels like a different setting because it is so much bigger than the Middle School,” said Mariah Ortiz, freshman at Washingtonville High School. “I want to join some new clubs and start band. I play the trumpet.” 

Principals and the superintendent visited classrooms to welcome students and provide them with advice for the upcoming year. 

“Get involved in something,” said Dr. Larry Washington, superintendent of schools, to the incoming sixth grade class at the Middle School. “Do a hobby, do a sport, do a club. Find good friends that do things you enjoy doing.” 

Students were excited to start a new year and make new connections. 

“I can’t wait to meet my teachers and learn more math,” said Tyler Tsormey, fifth-grader at Little Britain Elementary School. “I love all the questions and trying to solve things.” 

“Don’t be nervous about the first day,” said Nikki King, second grader at Little Britain, when asked to give some advice to her fellow classmates. “I am excited to start a new year and learn new things.”

The start of a new year means new beginnings. 

“It is exciting energy here,” said Sierra Friberg, first year special education and English teacher at Washingtonville High School. “I want to dive into the community and be a part of everything.”

But with new beginnings, it also means students are one year closer to graduation. The incoming kindergarten class will not graduate until 2036, while the incoming senior class will walk across the stage in a short 10 months. 

“It is my last year at the high school and I want it to go well,” said Alex Sakadelis, senior at Washingtonville High School. “My advice to freshman students is to take your time because it goes way faster than you think.” 

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Dr. Washington visits classroom.
One student sitting at table.
Three students outside.
Three students outside the high school.
Teacher helps students inside.